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  1. I get the error message after both darg&drop and also after using the Import Folder.
  2. I had this same thing happen a week or so ago and someone suggested updating to the latest version which was .8 After upgrading to that version my problem went away now it's back again. One of the main things I do is store PDF files in EN. I either scan them into the EN import folder or drag and drop the PDF into EN and it has worked perfectly until now. I get an error message that says "Unable to upload.... One or more attachments could not be uploaded. A copy has been saved to your local file system". I have attached a copy of this message as well. I have closed out of EN and reloaded with the same result. Any incite or help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. - Phil
  3. I upgraded to 10.58.8 version and that seems have fixed the problem. Curious that 10.58.8 version was not an automatic update.
  4. Ever since I upgraded to this current version I can't see to get PDF files into EN which is what my primary use is. It is very frustrating. Is any one else having this issue? All it shows in the note is "Untitled Attachment". It initially looks like the PDF is in the note but then when you go back you see "Untitled Attachment". I've tried saving into EN directory or dragging them in I get an unable to upload error (image of error window attached). Help this no working really throws a ringer into my work flow. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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