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  1. All a moot point now. OneNote on the Mac and iPhone are great (not 100% feature of Windows version, but close) now. Outlining is excellent in the program including collapsing levels, etc. Sharing, browser-based editing, clipping all work great. No need (or desire) for EN anymore. And the bizarre part is that I actually trust MS more than EN with my data! David
  2. Ok - I've been patient and understanding of other posts, but this is total *****. Why do you keep saying "feature suggestions?" No one is talking about new features. We're talking about EN fixing a bug in a basic feature that's been there forever now and is supposed to work but is broken. Your post writing about "pet features" is misleading and offensive and makes us paid customers who have been asking EN to FIX A BUG look like whining little children. Are you just trolling or have you completely misunderstood all the posts in this thread? In any case, you owe the other users here an a
  3. I can understand that you feel strongly about this, and Evernote may even have plans to launch something soon that will fix the issue enough so you can live with a new version; but in the grand scheme of things Evernote aren't responsible for fixing something that they never claimed would work in the first place. They don't share route plans or delivery dates, so any new improved version will have to be a wondrous surprise if and when it arrives. Meantime I'm afraid it's either find a work-around or suffer the problem. There may be something out there that meets your needs and exports
  4. This is just nuts. This one bug is stopping me from using Evernote and spending weeks and weeks looking for alternative solutions. How hard could it be for this huge company to fix this long-term BUG in their software? Could they at least give some feedback on it and let us users know they care what we think and that they're working on it? The longer this drags on, and the bigger EN gets, and the more features and apps they add, the less likely it is that they'll go back and fix this and the less likely that they'll pay attention to users complaining about it since it will become a small
  5. Great... It's been a few months since I've been around here after discovering the unusable formatting and outlining in EN. I've tried lots of other options and they've each had some problems, either in formatting/markup or in multi-device sync. I figured I'd see if the EN guys had fixed any of this and see it's still the same. I even see GrumpyMonkey is still here and still saying it's not so bad as long as you really don't care too much I guess my search / wait continues...
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