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  1. As I stated the issue is around evernotes use of its own and/or the stock android cameras white balance - both seem set to auto with no way to override. I can resolve this issue by using a third party camera app but of course I lose the evernote functionality which makes the post it camera worthless on the android app. This is why I came to the forums to ask if anyone had advice about how to adjust the white balance when using evernotes camera.
  2. Hi all - I am stuck with an odd problem. I just got some post its to try out with evernote and sadly when I use the evernote camera the auto white balance kicks in and the pics are not recognised as the post its as the colours are so washed out. I have tried to set the white balance in the android native camera but it always resets to auto. When it is set to daylight the colours are fine. I have tried to use another camera app, set that as the default camera and set the white balance but this never seems to get used by evernote. I have tried with the multi shot option on and off to no avail. So can anyone assist? I am using a samsung note 8 4g GT N5120 with android 4.4.2 and evernote for android version - many thanks.
  3. I have the exact same issue with business cards and bills. I dont need a view that 'looks cool' I need one that is instantly useful. Also as the card view is set at present it has the note title on a translucent bar at the top which if there is text underneath makes it even harder to see what is going on. I would very much like to go back to the far superior V4 or for the next version to re introduce these elements alongside these new ones so I can choose myself.
  4. I have tried ToCs but will give the decimal system a go as you are correct EN does seem numerically challenged at times! I also make use of special symbols to order my notebook stacks !tasks, ¬work stacks, #hobby stacks etc and just plain silliness so its Ze Archive not archive ^^ A lot of work for something you would think would be easy to do (I use linux, windows, android and iOS but not OS and have never had an issue with those platforms and ordering).
  5. I would be happy with the age old convention of tab takes you down one field! That used to be how it worked I agree but now I get either note title or untitled note - its even worse from the android app as it seems to suck note titles from my google diary (even though I have not asked it to ever) so new note and typetypetype leads to Note from feed the cactus -------------------------------- typetypetype Or even worse uses my location data - I know which city I live in and thats hardly a way to sort notes!!!
  6. I think its all down to ENs insistence on using tags - I dont want to play with EN Iwant to create notes that are useful to me. I am not a pro writer I run a business but guess what all our projects have outlines... and budgets... and staff etc so its a very common irk for me too and you would have thought EN could cope with notes with the same title in different stacks. Also not being able to manually order notes is a real pain and seems so odd to not be a feature already. Tags, saved searches and all the other time eating workarounds are not welcome - I want a notebook end of story Its these lacking features that are stopping me from using EN business - we still use a private wiki as it does offer these features.
  7. I use a lot of audio notes but now the audio files dont show - I had a good panic (lol) but found I can get them back by cycling through the different note views (card, list etc) which of course sucks. And once you get one note working you have to repeat on the next. Also typing in the notes title field then tabbing now takes you to the meta data fields not the note body - this whole update has wrecked the way I want to use evernote (you know to make notes) and makes everything harder. Going from the note title to body now also needs double or more clicks as it doesnt always register its in the body yet - so I end up often retyping text which again slows me down. Want to make a note with just a title? It wont save unless you click on the body first so you lose it. Is it like this for others or am I doing something wrong?
  8. The Canon MX455 has software to do everything you have listed but most of the options cannot be set on the device itself. Those that can are so unwieldy and time consuming you wouldn't want to - also the LCD screen is tiny, very faint and points upwards so if you want to read it you need to stand up... My solution was to buy a bigger desk and now the huge printer sits next to me! The software itself isn't great and I was disappointed that the 'integration' with Evernote consists of one setting which dumps all scans into your default notebook. Thus you are no better off than if you had one of the cheaper options that emails your files to Evernote. It seems that the only option is going to be with the super expensive Scansnap Evernote edition which looks great but at that price and with the huge UK markup they can keep it! Edit: To add a positive the canons document feeder for the scanner is pretty good - takes sheafs of A4 pages (my record is around a hundred) without complaining and the only jams have been the crumpled old papers fault! The manual duplex works very well too and work are thinking of getting one as our huge business photocopier and scanning machine with auto duplex fails so often it is a joke!
  9. I looked at the Epson but found two cheaper options in the Canon PIXMA MX455 and Canon PIXMA MX395. Both scan to cloud apps including Evernote but I went for the more expensive option as I wanted the networking capabilities. If you search for Evernote on Amazon they dont show up but do in Google - the cynic in me thinks Amazon spikes its search results to show you the newer more expensive options when you search... With the money I have saved from going for one of the Brothers listed in the Trunk I am halfway to a Doxie Go!
  10. I am glad I am not the only one confused by the EN Trunk and Brother! I have found so many other Brother printers available by just searching for evernote in Amazons printer section but they are still quite confusing! I am thinking about buying this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/HP-Photosmart-6520-e-All-in-One-Printer/dp/B0099MS8M2 Does anyone have any experience with this model or indeed should I be looking at another? I am looking for the cheapest possible really, the only functions I am interested in is scanning to EN directly and the occasional A4 print so this Brother seems overkill. I looked into getting a separate scanner and printer but the standalone scanners seem very pricey (eg doxie) and I just dont need portability at all. Thanks for reading!
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