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  1. i'm using evernote premium on an iphone. it's a slow iphone (3GS), but still... here's a roughly averaged time it takes to go from launching 3 note apps to seeing the first text character in a new note: ios notes: 2.3 seconds simplenote: 2.4 seconds evernote: 10.8 seconds (password not activated) even when evernote is already running, the time to go from "create new text note" to seeing the first character can be approaching 10 seconds, with the wait for "tap to edit body text" permission to appear, and sometimes having to press it twice while the note location updates itself. there are only 2 reasons for opening evernote: to create a new note, edit an existing note, or view a note. on ios, for me the most common one by far is to create a new note. that 10 seconds can be an awfully long time while on the go, so i often end up using another app then pasting to evernote later, which kinda defeats the purpose of having a one-stop note app... so my feature request is either to: • have evernote do its launch sequence as quickly as the other apps • have the option for a default "new note" on launch, ready for text input • have a rapid and responsive "add note" button right on (in my case) the password screen. the time to create a note at the moment is prohibitive, and i don't need to switch on the car engine and put it in gear if all i want to do is put my lunchbox in the car...
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