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  1. Evernote version: (306729) Public (CE Build ce-1.39.4193)

    The standard paradigm for Windows programs is that if you switch to another program the cursor should become invisible.

    The problem with the Evernote note editor is that if I'm editing a note, the cursor blanks as expected, but if I switch to a completely different program (in my case, the editor in  PHP IDE) the cursor is still there, blinking as if it's still got focus.

    I can then end up doing CTRL&V to paste text into the note, because I think it has focus, but the text is pasted into the other app (in my case, wrecking my PHP syntax).

    This is really annoying, and should be fixed. Please follow the normal paradigm for Windows programs :-)

    Thanks in anticipation


  2. 2 hours ago, DTLow said:

    I keep a minimal sidebar view; just the notebook and tag icons
    but on my Mac I can show both a notebook and tag list.  A single mouse click would work on either list

    >>the limit of 250 does seem rather small in the context of the other figures above

    I agree

    >>i can't think of a valid database storage / efficiency reason for having such a low limit

    Be aware that notebooks also serve a non-organization purpose; sync/local, offline, share
    Also while the database was structured for tag hierarchy (and multiple tags per notes); this was not implemented for notebooks

    Ah, so maybe notebook handling does become less efficient for larger numbers.

    Relative to the max number of notes (100, 000) I think it would be reasonable to have a number two orders of magnitude smaller for the max number of notebooks, i.e. 1000.

  3. On 14/10/2015 at 8:37 AM, Ilja said:

    Hi all,


    I saw there have been several discussions regarding similar questions as mine, but none that addressed it specifically, so I hope you forgive me for posting this.


    Once upon a time, when life was simple, I started my Evernote account and put pretty much everything into it. Gave it little thought, to be honest. Several further though, I find that that approach is getting to be problematic. For one, I have two jobs: one as curator of a museum (paleontology/minerology), and another one in which I divide my time between doing (historical) research and more administrative tasks.


    Particularly that last combination causes problems. I find that from both perspectives, my search results are perpetually being polluted by information I don't need, and it is getting mightily irritating. I have always used Evernote as a sort of storage attic and in hindsight, I should've taken tagging more seriously. Too late now, I'm afraid.


    The question: would it be possible to split the database in two, so to speak, and use one portion when I'm working on a research project and another portion for admin tasks? I would rather not shell out more money than I need to, but if there's no alternative, that's what I'll do. Another option would be to combine Evernote with an app such as DevonThink. Any suggestions?

    One catch here: AFAIK, if you export notes & then re-import them, shortcut links between notes get broken (I think this has been a known issue for some time).

  4. 15 minutes ago, DTLow said:

    Actually the limits are
    - notes 100,000
    - tags 100,000
    - notebooks 250

    These are artificial limits set by Evernote.  Practical limits are another issue; my devices would choke at 100,000 notes

    >>I find it much easier to locate what I need this way, rather than just using tags.

    Why is that?  Supposing someone said, I find it much easier to locate using folders, rather than using notebooks

    Thanks for the values for the limits.

    I use notebooks, nested notebooks and tags (lots of tags). For some of my use cases (remember everybody's usage of Evernote is different) a single mouse click on a notebook name in the left panel gives me a useful set of notes to work with. Initiating a search by tag OTOH (or locating the tag out of hundreds & clicking on it) involves significantly more mouse/keyboard action(s). There's always a balance of course between tags & notebooks, but the limit of 250 does seem rather small in the context of the other figures above and i can't think of a valid database storage / efficiency reason for having such a low limit. I probably make things worse for myself by having both work-related and personal notes in a single account, so having separate accounts would allow > 250 folders each, but then there's the extra cost of another subscription, just to work around a low limit :-)

  5. Since I installed the Evernote Windows client 6.4 on my Windows 7 desktop PC, the note editor doesn't scroll properly when the note extends below the bottom of the screen.

    This is very annoying, as I frequently have multi-screen notes for my work.

    1) End of page when page overflows screen, insert some blank lines by hitting 'return' key a few times, the new lines aren't visible (they're below the bottom of the screen); you have to manually scroll or use ctrl+end to get to the new insert point. This is totally unlike any text editor I've ever used, and not the usual paradigm.

    2) Paste new text from clipboard in after inserting blank lines as in (1), new pasted text not visible, again I have to manually scroll down or ctrl+end.

    Please fix this annoying problem ASAP.

    Thanks in anticipation,


    Evernote Premium user

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  6. Having anchors within notes is something I would find really useful. I often end up with long notes that need parts to be addressable. Adding artificial strings to search for is a bit crude - an HTML anchor, or equivalent is really what I need for this use case.

    Splitting up a long note into multiple notes would in many cases add other inconveniences that would more than cancel out the added convenience of note-level links.

    Please add this feature!

  7. I've resorted to using Skitch to take a screenshot of my code in my current code editor(s) (PhpStorm and Notepad++) and SQL tool (SQLyog) into my EN notes. But this of course means you can't copy/paste the actual code (although maybe the OCR function in EN Premium would read the code somehow???).


    To be fair, EN was designed as a general purpose tool and not a programmer's tool, but it would be great if this feature was available. As a programmer developing/supporting a large & complex PHP web dev framework I make heavy use of EN to keep track of my work and make notes how the code works etc. I couldn't manage without it!


    FWIW, Notepad++ uses the free Scintilla package http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scintilla_%28editing_component%29 which has implementations for several different platforms including Windows. Maybe this could be added to EN, eben just for the synax colouring?

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