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  1. Thanks for your feedback, gazumped. You've given me some more ideas. I didn't think of emailing, because my use case would sometimes be in places with no cell service... Share to Evernote... didn't know about this one, and it might not be too cumbersome... a shortcut on the desktop to the folder where the screenshots are stored, together with sharing to Evernote, works pretty well if starting a new note with the screenshot. Neither of these, as you note, work for adding a screenshot to an existing note. And that was my reason for asking for a feature... Yes, the ability exists t
  2. My phone and tablet (Android) both have the ability to take screenshots, and they get saved in a default location (/mnt/sdcard/Pictures/Screenshots on both, but that may or may not be universal). It would be really handy to have a feature in Evernote that would allow attaching of the latest screen shot, or quickly selecting a file from the location where they are saved.
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