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  1. Evernote is an "Information Manager". It does more, but an IM is basically what it is. It's more broad than "PIM - Personal Information Manager" because info can be readily shared across networks. To whoever thought it is unnecessary to have a category - I could not disagree more strongly. Not being able to formally categorize something does not make it more useful - it makes it impossible for tech editors (like myself) to publish articles about it or promote it properly. I don't think we need to create a category (although i do like the ICARS idea - cool - but I don't think it has any real legs...) EN doesn't really quite rise to being a 'framework' either when you compare it to something like Filemaker or Canvas. Sure you can arrange your info to serve as a quasi CRM and the like, but you're really just finding different ways to view the information dumped in - vs. being able to act on the data. That said, it certainly is a versatile tool. But "Information Manager" covers the category.
  2. Howdy all . It has been almost three years since the last post about a Clipper add-in for Amazon's Silk browser - found on all Amazon Fire tablets. On an impulse I picked up a bunch of the $50 7" models pre x-mas and was able to score for $35 with ads and $50 without. I figured they'd be junk but honestly that is not the case at all. They run Evernote well -but they need either a dedicated clipper app - an add-on for Silk, or a version of EN like the IOS version. Silk appears to be very similar to Firefox - so how tough would it be to hack a clipper together for it? Cmon folks we need it :-)
  3. Is it? I can't find it in my Evernote web or Evernote desktop version. It is not available in either the web client or the Windows client. Then it's not available. Aren't Windows/Web the #2,#1 most-used platforms, respectively? At one time that was true. But no matter - those are the two platforms many of us use. Disappointing at best.
  4. Ok Evernote - like so many others I have been a very vocal and very public supporter/advocate of all humanity using Evernote. All I wanted for Xmas was my Windows and Web highlight text tool. But no. Instead... you roll it out where.... every OTHER Platform first ?? C'mon folks - At least give us an ETA for Web/Windoze text highlighting.
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