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  1. Hi Evernote Gurus!!! I have spent hours everyday for two weeks straight trying to get Evernote to install. STOP RIGHT NOW!!! If you are ready to offer a 'silver-bullet-solution'. I have unsuccessfully tried every single remedy provided on this forum at least 3 times on my own. I have completely removed all Evernote related items from my system. I went the revo route. I searched my registry. I paid for apps to clean out my system. I am done. A tech support 'genius' provides 3-5 lines of instruction twice in two days. Its been a couple days since I have heard from him. The chat support people see that I have an open ticket and end there chat sessions on me. I get it. I've done Tech Support in college too.... My only question left...... Does anyone know of a Evernote Replacement App? I've been working one with OneNote and it seems pretty good and its free and ubiquitous. Let me know I'd love to hear other people's ideas on an Evernote Replacement App. I paid the Evernote Premium service fee and regret that decision so I'd like to avoid paying for another App if possible. Please 'NO FLAMERS'!
  2. Hi Jefito, Prior to my posting I spent 4 hours searching the board for Error 2732 and going through the numerous topics that address the same issue and actually applied all the possible remedies. Thank you for reminding me of all that lost time spent searching for a solution on the Evernote board. I also spent an additional 3 hours scouring the Internet looking for solutions and applied those solutions as well. The terms, 'Evernote support is non-existent' is defined by lack of response or little to no response from the Evernote team. I got a two-word response from the technical support staff. Evernote support is non-existent. Typically I would not care about an app. I would simply delete it and move on to the next new thing but I spent money on it and thought I would get something out of it. Thanks,
  3. I followed your instruction exactly as presented and they do not work.
  4. Hi, I have tried 6 types of different fixes posted in this and several other forums but I can't update to the latest Evernote release. The old version I had is gone and the newer version will not install. The only version of evernote is through the web which defeats the purposes of having a premium account. any help would be great. Evernote support is non-existent.
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