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  1. Overall I'd give the beta an average rating. Nothing in it will dramatically improve my use of EN, but there is nothing that will materially hurt it, either. With all the love Mac products have gotten, though, I'd hoped for something more engaging. A few comments (most if not all of which have already been submitted): *HATE that the Title is inside the note. Others have expressed it better than I can. To me, the title is meta data, equivalent to tags and should be outside of the note content *There is a delay after typing the title before I can actually start typing the body of the note. Not horrible, but irritating *LOVE the new shortcuts *Don't love that when I open a new note to full view, the entry box is not full length of the window. I haven't typed anything yet so there are no related notes, and I like to compose with space. Yes, when I finally fill the window more lines are added (though only one at a time), but I want a full blank note, not a few lines. *Changes to adding tags where the type ahead doesn't automatically highlight the tag is frustrating. I've been adding and deleting partial tags all week. *When I open a note, the screen size is really small. Is there a way to change the default size? *Would love ability to highlight text in notes
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