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  1. Been fighting this same thing for a while and came back to the forums to see if there was a fix. I have gone so far as to look in the dev tools of chrome and I do not see any reason it should not appear. The clipper iframe is in the source and the css looks the same for the clipper iframe.
  2. Also, the clipper appears not to work on Politico's website. The clipping dialog box does not appear on top.
  3. Any chance of getting this back. If space was an issue, I suggest the clip type be icons or a dropdown list rather than a simple list... or let the user decide.
  4. After typing a word for the tag, I might have a few options left to choose from and I would use the arrow keys to select it. This functionality is gone. Started seeing this in Web Clipper for Chrome this week.
  5. Started seeing the same issue in Web Clipper for Chrome. After typing a word for the tag, I might have a few options left to choose from and I would use the arrow keys to select it. This functionality is gone.
  6. Sometime I may go to the same URL a month later during some research and clip only to be re-clipping or poorly tagged clip. I would prefer if it warned me that I already clipped it and gave me the opportunity to update the tags, comments, etc.
  7. When I hit the clip button or use the shortcut that panel shows the simplified article (love that by the way) but the clipper panel collapses immediately. Is there a way to prevent that?
  8. Specifically, Chrome since I have not used the web clipper on another browser, yet. When typing in tags for a clip, the auto-suggest feature is great. I would also like it to auto-complete with the top suggestion if I hit the tab or comma and accept what is typed if I hit enter. (tab would complete and go to the next field, comma would just complete) For example, using the suggestion above, if I start typing "Bat" and the top suggestion is "Batman," I want to hit the tab or comma to complete the word "Batman" (matching case) rather than hit the down-arrow then enter. However, if I want to accept "Bat" as the tag (maybe it is a new tag) I just hit enter. Right now, if I hit tab or comma in this scenario whatever is typed in becomes the tag (in this case "Bat"). To select a suggestion (even the top one) I have to hit the down-arrow then enter. Minor issue, but it's absence smacks me every time since many programs I use do this. (google search uses tab to complete the word). It would also be nice if the auto complete was not limited to start of the word but would filter tags with "bat" in the middle of the tag like "Vampire Bat" or "Combat" Of course a smart ranking of suggestions would look at context, if possible, or last used or something. As always, feature should be able to be optional. Edit: I should mention that the web app does this almost as described (using enter and tab to complete with the fist suggestion) while comma uses what is typed. That would also be fine for the web clipper.
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