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  1. Not sure eaxactly which settings you are referring to? I have switched the privacy/tracking settings from the default to standard and reloaded all tabs, but without any improvment.
  2. Hi I am running Firefox 712.0 (64 bit) on Mojave on a MacBookPro and recently swapped from defaulting to Chrome to defaulting to FF. But WebClipper seems to be the last thing that I can't get working. The WC Icon shows a red dot I think this means I have not linked the plugin to my EN account. If I hover over it it says " Sign in to WebClipper" If I click on the button I get 2 popups in sequence, the first of which I cant read or screenshot as it disappears very quickly. The 2nd one is a Firefox notification But I can't expand it to see the full meesage. Can anyone help?
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