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  1. Not sure eaxactly which settings you are referring to? I have switched the privacy/tracking settings from the default to standard and reloaded all tabs, but without any improvment.
  2. Hi I am running Firefox 712.0 (64 bit) on Mojave on a MacBookPro and recently swapped from defaulting to Chrome to defaulting to FF. But WebClipper seems to be the last thing that I can't get working. The WC Icon shows a red dot I think this means I have not linked the plugin to my EN account. If I hover over it it says " Sign in to WebClipper" If I click on the button I get 2 popups in sequence, the first of which I cant read or screenshot as it disappears very quickly. The 2nd one is a Firefox notification But I can't expand it to see the full meesage. Can anyone help?
  3. At present in Note View, I can see All Notes, or only the Notes from a particular Notbook. I would like to be able to select multiple notebooks to view (or not view) For instance at work, I dont want to see most of my hobby/personal notebooks, and vice versa. Providing a Notebook list with a checkbox for each Notebook to view/not view it would be perfect.
  4. Just come to this a bit late, but I have to say that the proposal above would be highly illegal in many jurisdictions. You dont have the right to scan any book into your computer without permission of the author/publisher.
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