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  1. Hi BurgerAndFries Just to let you know, I am using descriptive tags and keywords. I consider myself at the expert user level. I've produced scripts that automate tag creation at time of scanning. Someday I will post them online. My videos on how to use evernote have had more than 300,000 views on YouTube. I only say this so you understand that I probably have above-average knowledge on how to use the platform and I still think that thumbnails are essential. Even when one narrows down what one wants via the tags and keywords -- the thumbnails are still helpful as that last and final step to jump to what you want. Also, sometimes you may not have anticipated the type of search you are doing and accordingly did not create the tag classification to support that search. One cannot make a type of tag for every possible situation (otherwise you will end up with a very large set of tags). In situations like this one needs to appeal to keywords, notebooks, date ranges, etc. This is where thumbnails are especially useful. The bottom line is Evernote, for whatever reason, eliminated a feature that many people in the community found useful. It seems like a pretty basic and fundamental feature, and we just want that view added back as an OPTION. How difficulty would it really be to add one additional type of view -- a view that existed before? Regards Mike
  2. Completely agree with this post. We need the V4-styule thumbnails view as an option. I don't understand why the developers are not doing this given the complaints? Is that view patented or something? Than say so instead of trying to convince us that card view is somehow better -- which is clearly isn't!
  3. Completely agree with this post. We need a thumbnails view added to V5. The lack of thumbnails is really killing the EN user experience to the point that V5 feels like step backwards.
  4. One of the great things about software is that we can have features that simultaneously cater to multiple users. If EN wants to keep the card view, then let them keep the card view. But please bring back a view we had in V4 namely thumbnails. Also I want EN to bring back the ability to zoom in/out of those thumbnails.
  5. It would be nice to get an official response from Evernote to this post. Does the leadership at Evernote agree that there is a problem or not? And if so, when can we expect a fix? I am hoping the examples posted here convince them that this is a problem that need to be fixed.
  6. Ditto. I think a picture is worth 1000 words. To help the developers understand the seriousness of this issue, I've attached a screenshot of the thumbnails of some business cards in the card view. You can see that card view is close to unusable because the "largest-smallest dimension" algorithm produces thumbnails that just aren't relevant. In fact none of the business cards display the person's whole name or phone number. If v4 thumbnails were still around we wouldn't have this problem. Moreover, the algorithm for whatever reason tends to zoom in on different portions of similar documents. For instance, if I scan several utility bills from the same company, I find it produces snippets of different parts of each bill, making the bills from the same company inconsistent in the visible color, shape, etc .. the implication being that it takes much longer to identify documents using this new algorithm as compared to a verson 4 style view that just showed the whole page. I would strongly urge the developers to: 1. Create an additional view where the whole first page is visible 2. Provide the user the ability to zoom in/out of these thumbnails Both of these features existed in Evernote v4 and I'm just waiting for the developers to bring back this needed functionality!
  7. Hello I've been an Evernote user for several years. I love and heavily evangelize the product but just wanted you to know that in my opinion the thumbnails available in Card and Snippet view are in my opinion a step backward; particularly when one does a search because: 1. The "thumnbnails" do not show you the whole page. Rather they show some portion of the page the algorithm considers relevant -- which oftentimes may not be what the user consider's relevant. This greatly diminishes the value (and fun) of evernote's search, and searches now take much longer for me because the snippets often shows irrelevant portions of the page. I would much rather have a thumbnail of the whole first page because I can quickly locate what I'm looking for just by the shape, colors, logo, etc. To fix this issue, add a new view (similar to v4) that shows you thumbnails of the entire first page of each note. 2. You no longer have the ability to zoom in/out of the thumbnails and this non-adjustable zoom is such so that I can only see about 4 to 6 items even after adjusting the split screen whereas with v4 I could zoom out to 20 to 30 thumbnails at once and found that just by glancing at the thumbnail I could often quickly identify what I was looking for. To address this issue allow users to once again choose the level of zoom they want for the thumbnails. Thanks Mike
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