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  1. It's simply. talking to people at the street, listening to forums.... The feature of asking for a pin code each time you open the app, it would be an optional customizable feature through a simple check, like DROPBOX do.
  2. But like DROPBOX do, you can customize that feature, ENABLING/DISABLING by a simply check in options. So, people like you, can follow like now.. But the fact is that android devices are sensible to someone can collect your data in a inadvertence, so most of users want to be able to ENABLE / DISABLE that feature.
  3. The best thing is exactly like DROPBOX do. When you open the app you're asked for a four-digit code. After ten bad attempts, all tha data are wiped from your mobile devide. That's exactly what ALL THE USERS want. Dare you to do a survey??
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