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  1. Thanks for the reply, I found a post on these forums sometime between me posting this thread and you replying. It was instructions on how to completely remove any trace of Evernote from my system, as somehow when I tried to install the website downloaded version of Evernote it would tell me it saw the App store version still on my computer somewhere (the existing files that I couldn't find at the time). After deleting EVERYTHING Evernote on my computer (and I forgot which thread it was, sorry... but there are multiple and there was only one solution that I tried that worked), it installed without a problem from the website and my notes synced instantly from the servers.
  2. I followed these instructions to uninstall the Mac app store version of Evernote and went and downloaded Evernote from the website. Upon installing and signing into my account it says it detected the app store version (what??) and it began copying my notes (I already backed up my notes to my desktop, and deleted what I thought was everything within the system folders)... and it's been doing this for hours on end now. I tried force-quitting and doing it all over again and same thing happens. Is it actually syncing with the servers just doing it extremely slowly or what?
  3. 2014 and this problem seemingly hasn't been addressed yet. Is anyone else still having this issue? edit: I have tried the above and Spotlight is still not indexing Evernote notes.
  4. Well I re-built the Spotlight index and now it's not picking up on Evernote at all. Is there a box in Evernote that must be checked or something for it to allow the individual notes to be indexed?
  5. Evernote v5.4.4 OS X Mavericks 10.9.1 Hello all, I'm not sure if this issue is on the Evernote side of things or the OS X side of things but I used to have a document in my Evernote called 'bills'. A few months ago I moved that document text into a TextEdit file and saved it on my computer as such while deleting the Evernote note document. It's been like this for the longest time I just now am starting to increase my Evernote usage again so I am noticing it again but when I search via Spotlight in OS X it is still indexing a note in evernote called 'Bills' (the old document that doesn't exist in Evernote anymore) and when I click to have it open up, the only thing that opens is the Evernote app itself, without opening any specific document... because the one it was going to open (bills) is not there. Is this an issue with the tags not being deleted with the note and Spotlight is indexing the tag or do Evernote tags only work within the Evernote app? I have not tested this with any other document to see if it is still being indexed. Is this a known issue?
  6. Evernote v5.4.4 OS X Mavericks 10.9.1 I'm having trouble with setting up keyboard shortcuts for a the 'Open Note in Separate Window' action. No matter my keyboard shortcut combination, it will not open the note in a separate window. I've made sure to type it out exactly as it appears in the right-click drop down menu and the drop down menu from the top under 'Note'. Right now I have it set to open in a separate window when I hit the option key and then return but it just doesn't seem to work regardless of the keyboard shortcut combination.(IMG attached) What's going on here?
  7. I need help with this! I tried following these same instructions and even used the same keyboard shortcut as the above user. Nothing seems to be working! Is there something I may have missed?
  8. What's "less functional' about the app store version of EN? (Fromt the article you linked)
  9. Have you looked at Wunderlist?
  10. Specifically the app-store version of EN? I would like to automatically backup the database so I don't have to manually export my notes and back them up like that.. would backing up the database do the same exact thing? If I were to place that database into a new install on a new computer, would all my notes and tags come up as I would normally see them?
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