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  1. Fantastic, great job Everdudes! In Android version 5.4.2 the market button has been moved down to the bottom, just above Explore Evernote. Now I just have to wait for the market to be available in my country ... as Phil says in the podcasts "soon".
  2. So got the latest update (5.4.1) and the Market button is still at the top of the menu, not the bottom ...
  3. I like the idea of Evernote Market but am not happy that it is at the top of the menu in Android, above Notes and Notebooks. Actually that is an understatement, it really pisses me off. I would like to see it moved down to the bottom, just above Explore Evernote.
  4. Would be great if you could add a column in the list view that allows sorting by reminder date/time.
  5. I'm with you on this. My first impression of the flat look of Beta 5 was a very mature "yech". Functionality is fine (once I got used to where everything is). I would prefer some more definition between sections - be it colour (non-american, forgive my excess vowels) or tone. Also why the ALL CAPS in the menu bar? Makes it harder to read and again, visually displeasing.
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