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  1. Thanks...glad I wasn't overlooking something.
  2. In Chrome and Firefox, I have the Evernote Web Clipper option to show related content in my search results. I can't find that option in I.E. 11. I'm using Evernote In Chrome this option is accessed by right-clicking the web clipper icon and selecting "Related Results." In Firefox it is accessed by going to add-ons and the Evernote Web clipper options. However, in I.E. 11 the Web Clipper doesn't have "Related Results" in the options. Is this not available for IE or am I missing this setting somewhere else? Thanks
  3. I updated Evernote on my laptop from 4.??? to 5; however, when I tried to sync it I kept getting an error message that said it couldn't connect to the server. I logged out and tried to log back in...now I can't even get in. I now just get can't connect to server on the login screen. Any ideas how I can resolve this? Thanks, Diane
  4. I found the problem...I just wasn't renaming the stack properly. In most renaming functions (such as in Windows Explorer) you can right-click, select re-name, enter the name and then click on the folder. The name is saved. However; I found that I needed to hit the enter key for the renaming to save.
  5. I can't rename a stack in Evernote 5. I can right-click and select the rename option and type the new name, but that name doesn't stick. The stack reverts back to the generic title of Notebook Stack. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
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