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  1. Thank you, I have resolved the issue (with the help of PowerPoint support). Once I disabled hardware graphics acceleration in the advanced options of PowerPoint, the presentation (included zooming in and out) ran smoothly. All is well now. I will re-install beta Evernote and hopefully all will continue to work properly. Thanks again for your reply.
  2. I downloaded and installed the beta version of Evernote yesterday. The download and installation went smoothly. I opened the beta program and began looking around at the features and becoming familiar with things. I then had to leave beta Evernote to continue putting together a PowerPoint presentation I have been working on for several weeks. Up to the time I downloaded/installed beta Evernote, the PowerPoint worked perfectly; no problems and no issues. However, since the download/install, my PowerPoint freezes whenever I zoom into a slide during presentation. This has never happened before. When it freezes, I have to do a manual reboot because cntl-alt-del doesn't work. I assumed it was just a glitch and rebooted the computer. I tried the presentation again, same thing happened. It doesn't always freeze at the same point. Sometimes I can zoom into 3 or 4 slides before the system freezes, other times it freezes the first time I try to zoom in. I uninstalled the beta Evernote, but that hasn't resolved my issue with PowerPoint. I am desperate to get this resolved because I am giving this presentation in a couple of weeks (via Zoom). Both presentations work fine, as long as I don't want to zoom into a slide. Unfortunately, I need to be able to zoom-in. I have tried everything I know to try. I have confirmed that my software is up-to-date, I have run a repair on my PowerPoint program, I have the latest updates on my Windows10 program and my graphics driver. I confirmed that the problem isn't with the PowerPoint presentation itself because I tried a presentation I made a couple of weeks ago and it did the same thing. That previous presentation worked perfectly 2 weeks ago when I gave it and zooming into a slide was used often. The only thing I can think of is that the beta program caused a conflict and the uninstall left something on my computer that is still causing a conflict. Please, please, I am desperate for any help to figure out what I can do to get my PowerPoint back up and running and what was left behind when I uninstalled the beta Evernote that is still causing problems. Thank you in advance. Diane
  3. In Chrome and Firefox, I have the Evernote Web Clipper option to show related content in my search results. I can't find that option in I.E. 11. I'm using Evernote In Chrome this option is accessed by right-clicking the web clipper icon and selecting "Related Results." In Firefox it is accessed by going to add-ons and the Evernote Web clipper options. However, in I.E. 11 the Web Clipper doesn't have "Related Results" in the options. Is this not available for IE or am I missing this setting somewhere else? Thanks
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