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  1. I have been using the premium part of Evernote for about a month now. I have been able to migrate all the files from the business (invoice, estimates, payments, statements, etc.) to the premium account. What is really nice, now I want to do more with Evernote, but want to receive suggestions or have you thought of from others in the Evernote community? I want have my employees who work in field operations to have access to Evernote through iPhones, iPads, and laptops. This would be to allow them to take photographs upload in to the default area of the account. Then to be able to use the note features of the account. And then move to where they could pull up fillable PDF forms, complete them, file them back in to Evernote as well as get the customer to sign the document. Let me give a simple, but similar process. A customer calls, a time and date are scheduled for the appointment. The field operator arrives, discusses the project or work with the customer – takes pictures with either an iPhone, Ipad or with a digital camera. While talking with the customer, to be able to make notes – either directly with Evernote or through another application such as Penultimate that the field guys can use on the ipad. Then all this information is uploaded in to Evernote, by each user and accessible. With regards to what has been loaded, they will need to have access, but not have it readily available all the time. They should be able to search it, but not have it on the synched with the iphones and ipads as with the premium account. I have not found any way for the users to not carry all the files in the premium account with them all the time. If anyone has come across any other references, then please share them as I am in the early stages of planning for Evernote integration with my business. thanks in advance - and looking forward to good questions or responses.
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