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  1. Well if I ever see anyone on here complaining about updates, I'd like to slap them across the face. Maybe they've subscribed to the beta channel? Anyway, thanks for the update. There is a thread going on right now in the Windows 8 category about high resolutions displays. It looks like it is happening on some other laptops that employ the same scaling methods.
  2. Also, make sure to put a support ticket in for this issue so the number of affected users can be tracked. It might help move the issue up a little.
  3. This is technically not one of the points the OP brought up, but this point has been duly noted. We've seen the issue before, I believe mostly with Lenovo's Yoga 2. I strongly object to the idea that "no progress being made on the core products." Allow me to clarify, and backpedal, for a moment here. I'm afraid my frustration is getting the best of me. My gripe is not at all with the developers and I hope that you don't take my complaint about Evernote as an insult. The whole comment about the Evernote merchandise was probably a "low blow" (and I'm sure a common complaint from any frustrated user), but there is a perception that Evernote (the company) isn't as committed to the core products as it was before. Even with Phil's blog post, I simply feel that Evernote has lost focus. That may not be the case behind the scenes, but it's my current perception. Many of us hold Evernote up on a pedestal, because it's been such a reliable company and a pioneer in the market. It just kills me every day to load Evernote up, see no update, and feel the frustration of not being able to read anything clipped from Gmail because the text is too small (Yes, it's a Yoga 2 Pro). For others, it might be something else (as in what the OP complained about). It could be anything, but since we get no answer or solution, the frustration grows and we come to the forums to vent. Also, I did place a support ticket about this issue. They weren't able to help (obviously), but were empathetic and advised they would pass my problem on.
  4. I know this discussion became more of a gripe against the Evangelists, but I would like to bring it back to the overall issue that the OP has brought up. We pay for a product, and expect more for the money. We appreciate the forums and come here to speak out and to see if anyone else is having the same issues. We come here to see if anyone has solutions to problems. It turns out that yes, we have the same problem. The problem is with how Evernote has been spending their development time. My big gripe is that the Windows Desktop client does not scale properly on high resolution/small size displays. It is next to impossible for me to use the Windows client because of the scaling issue. This has been a problem for a while now, but Evernote remains silent on the issue. It's a perfect example. For a company that has always developed applications on fringe platforms (I'm looking at you Google Glass and Pebble), it makes absolutely no sense that they haven't fixed a scaling problem on the Windows client. We see Evernote socks, bags, business products, and fancy handwriting apps, but no progress being made on the core products. As a side note, I LOVED the podcasts. As far as I know, they've stopped making them about 6 months to a year ago. When they were being made, Evernote's founders had no issue whatsoever talking about the product roadmaps. It was one of the reasons I liked this company so much. It's only been a recent change Seems to me that they've lost touch, and I'm not the only one toying with the idea of leaving Evernote.
  5. Evernote don't typically comment on threads in the forum, or on work they might already have in progress. I'd imagine they have this in hand, given the comments so far and the obvious popularity of the hi-def screens, but that will be complicated by making the fix work in however many OS's are involved, and maybe by the co-operation or otherwise of the other firms. Then there will be some testing and bugfixing - and the question whether to release an update for this feature alone, or get some more updates completed and included in the package. It's not a quick process. In the meantime individual users have a choice whether to stick with one solution or move to another in the interests of efficiency. Evernote are in the wrong whatever they do - if they confirm this is in hand, we'll be pressing for a release date; if they run into glitches before or after release we'll be more upset with their ineffiency, and if they do release a fix we'll all be asking why it took so long. I'd say 'no comment' is probably their safest bet... and it means they don't spend time arguing with us instead of doing the work. As far as selling other stuff is concerned, most other online sources shove similar deals and adverts all the time, and as long as they don't require developers to stitch wallets I don't see it detracts from the features we're interested in... I agree that fixes take time, and it's standard practice to avoid making promises in public about upcoming fixes or releases. Several of us have come here to vent over a very frustrating "bug". The concept of a screen with very high resolution graphics has existed for a few years now. Companies, like Microsoft, Google, and now Adobe, have ensured that their applications are usable on these screens. I'll admit that I can use the webapp for some of my work (it's gotten much better over the last two years). I love the Evernote clipper. The syncing has been reliable 99% of the time. Evernote is the only piece of software that I never think twice about paying for. Most of us here in the forum are die-hard Evernote users. We promote the product to our friends and family. The fact is, Windows users can not use Evernote's flagship product on a high resolution screen and Evernote has not yet released any plans or hinted at fixing this issue. That leaves us to wonder if Evernote cares enough about this issue, or if they just don't have the resources to correct this issue in a timely manner. As long as they remain silent on the issue, frustrations will mount and trust in the brand will decrease.
  6. Yep. I've been checking updates frequently and hoping we don't have to wait much longer for a fix. These display resolutions are becoming common now. It's not just resolution though. Don't bother trying to remote into someone's touch screen laptop with most of the screen sharing software in use today; the mouse pointer is off by about 2 inches. Software companies seem to be struggling with these latest screen technologies in general. The ones that don't respond may end up falling out of favor.
  7. Hi all, I'm running the Windows EN client on my Yoga 2 Pro. I subscribe to the beta updates. I have a notice, after manually checking for updates, that Evernote 5.2.1 Public (271108) is ready to be installed. When I select "OK", I get an error that says "a newer version of Evernote is already installed. Please uninstall the installed version manually if you wish to install this version. " I checked Help > About and the version my client says its running is So it seems as though I am running a much higher version. So I'm not quite sure why I would be prompted to install 5.2.1 when I check for updates. Ideas? Brian
  8. I also have a Yoga 2 pro. I emailed support to express my concern and see if they had any workarounds. The initial solution, to change the resolution that Evernote runs in, did not work. I feel a bit defeated over this one. The only alternatives are to run the web client in a browser window, or to deal with the Windows 8 client. I love EN, and I love my new Yoga laptop, but I'm saddened that they don't get along.
  9. I understand your point, but EN Touch feels like a half-baked product, released just to get an app into the Windows Store. It is a very attractive app, but the lack of keyboard shortcuts reduces its usefulness to us with touch screen Windows 8 laptops. It was only recently that the Android app received support for keyboards so perhaps EN will consider adding it to Touch. Especially with the growth of laptops that feature touch screens. Hopefully we'll see an update soon.
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