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  1. I agree with tgb. I have a new Samsung Chromebook as my traveling computer and find that it is perfect for my needs. EN runs okay on it... of course, my problem isn't with the Chromebook, it is with the web version of EN. I get easily frustrated with the different development levels of the different EN platforms. I have EN on my iPad, iPhone, Chromebook, Windows 8 desktop, as well as an older Mac Airbook. And, each platform is at different development stages and UX levels. I wish the web version allowed for link copy and had the reminders feature. I wish that the Windows version was a v5 EN and had the reminders. As soon as the web version of EN gets caught up with the other versions, I could 'live' on my Chromebook. (And PS, I am not a fan of the UX of the iPad and iPhone versions... it almost becomes a photo 'flip book', which is different from the other platform versions... very weird.)
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