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  1. I have spent the past two weeks trying to find a clipper that is visual like Clipboard was and Springpad is. Springpad works fairly well but the issue is that I want to be able to see my documents. Other requirements I have are that it is a private/team service, priced fairly reasonable, has nice visual look and feel, allows .pdfs and other documents types and media types along with web research. I cannot seem to find one tool that does everything. Clipboard was awesome. Was part of thei...

  2. I want to get a feedback from the community about an idea we have. Evernote says its main goal is to remember everything. It stores everything but does not want to do content analysis or promote curation etc. Although there are plenty of curation platforms out there like pinterest, etc, I think that since a lot of individuals use evernote for collection, we should have a platform that allows easy sharing to a common place. I would imagine the platform would be something like what clipboard.com was (they were bought by salesforge) where each individuals could have organized boards and put up notes. The platform can do content analysis, provide intelligent recommendation to users based on notes shared by others (similar to contextbooster.., and just simple place to come and search for research materials. Any thoughts on this?
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