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  1. Sigh...I wish EN worked for Surface RT & Pro. Sure I can log into the website from my desktop browser, but the app is awful. I just can't get it to sync. It looks great but it crashes constantly. My solution - OneNote. I've always used it a bit, but Evernote's been my primary tool. Now I've switched over to ON as primary since they have apps across the platforms I use as well (iphone, ipad, win 7, winRT, win8). But I still really wish EN worked. Anybody have any tips on getting it to do the intial sync without dying? Other than try to manually guess at when to close it and incrementally sync? Or installing the beta? I've already killed an hour or so going through install/uninstall/reinstall. It looks like some people are using it successfully though. Would love to hear if they did anything special.
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