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  1. If that's true, then where is the option to share an RSS feed? Clearly a feature that was supported previously (RSS) is no longer supported, no? Fine, but certainly not a substitute for an RSS feed. Not even in the same ballpark. Okay, so I can send someone a link and they can go to the Evernote website, dismiss the "join" dialog, and look at my notebook. Again, not a substitute for an RSS feed which allows ME to control how/where my content is presented to the viewer. Thank you for the suggestion and your efforts to help. I spent a couple of hours this morning, hoping this would be the answer, but unfortunately it wasn't. You named this recipe "Evernote to RSS" when it is actually "Evernote to Feedly." It's a walled-garden to walled-garden solution. My goal isn't to simply read Evernote via some other interface. I know from a lay-person's point-of-view RSS is just a consumption format, but for many others it's a publication format. RSS allows a person to share/publish/syndicate their data via an open standard (the RSS specification), so it can be consumed by any other service that supports the standard. Let's say someone in my field values what I say. If Evernote produced RSS (as it did until recently), blog owners/operators/admins could subscribe to my RSS feed and whenever I post to Evernote, the contents would show up as content on their websites (the same can be said of my own websites). Hopefully that more clearly illustrates what capability has been lost by the removal of RSS. Of course, I understand the counter, economic, political motivations that might be at work here. Too many people want to be a Zuckerberg and capture the client. I thought I might wait to see if RSS was returned to the app, but I think the fact that it was removed destroys my trust in Evernote's openness. Too, bad, because in all other ways I enjoyed it and was hoping to collapse my bookmarking (Delicious - which continues to support RSS) and note-taking into one app. BTW, after setting up IFTTT and Feedly accounts and verifying that I was able to retrieve normal RSS feeds, nothing from Evernote ever appeared in Feedly.
  2. Evernote is hardly a walled garden in this respect, but this change does make it harder to get RSS content into Evernote. Nevertheless, there are ways to do this. Personally, I use a combination of Feedly and IFTTT to send links to starred articles into Evernote, and from there I can do the actual reading, and choose to clip. I believe that the Zapier service has RSS feed => Evernote support as well. I don't think you understand the metaphor of the walled garden. It's not about an inability to plant more flowers inside the garden (pulling RSS into Evernote in your example), it's about not allowing anyone outside the garden to see the lovely flowers If I contribute data to Evernote, I want to be able to share that with anyone (i.e., truly public) of my choosing. RSS allowed me to make notes and selectively have them reflected to various sites without viewers being required to sign up for Evernote. Now, my data is walled off, and therefore not as useful to me. HTH.
  3. Wow. I'm a new user, enjoying Evernote so far, and considering going with the paid plan. I thought it would be great to syndicate my research notes into several development blogs of which I'm a participant. The convenience would be worth the cost. Unless there's some other way I'm missing, it looks like I've entered another walled garden :-(
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