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  1. @Joe - Thanks for your reply. It's a funny thing. Evernote clearly captures the GPS data in some form because the program itself will map the photo. Oddly, if you need to use that photo for another purpose outside of Evernote most of the exif data isn't there. It's as if the GPS data is captured within the note and not retained within the exif data. Cheers.
  2. Joe, we're also experimenting with using Evenote to voice tag photos of our field work in Mozambique. There seem to be very few possibilities for easy voice annotation** of photos, but Evernote accomplishes this nicely. As Rich points out, the version of the photo saved in my "Photos" album on the iPhone does not contain the same exif data as what seems to be preserved from within Evernote (particularly location data), so when I copy that photo to my iPhoto library or similar it has little to work with. Anyway, we now need to take the extra step of taking the photo with Camera, then switching to Evernote, creating a note, and then importing with "Choose Existing" via the camera button, then add the voice annotation. Is there a reason Evernote doesn't want to simply use the available exif data normally captured by the Camera? This is not a huge deal, but it is a bit more cumbersome and requires a good bit of training for those who don't understand the whole issue of why we're doing it. (Then again, they can shoot many photos more rapidly in Camera than in Evernote, then choose which to annotate, so maybe I should just stop there....) **This is kind of a cool deal that you might capitalize on. Audio notes are a lot faster than typing things out: e.g., "Along Channel 6. At Mamadou Cisse's house on the path about halfway between the spares market and the Alito Bar." Also of note is that the audio quality within Evernote is quite abysmal. Not a fatal issue, but Apple's Voice Memos is much clearer.
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