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  1. I like the table of contents idea using the note links. But thats too bad rearranging is not supported.
  2. You are all very welcome I have never helped so many random people before. It feels overwhelmingly overwhelming. I don't think I can handle it much longer. This must be how batman feels. I haven't received the job offer from EverNote yet, but I assume it must be because they are currently putting together a ridiculously huge sign on bonus deal, in addition to an unjustifiably high salary that I cannot refuse. These things take time.
  3. WHAT? This worked for the note I tested it on, but then did not work for a new note that I created. WHAT IS GOING ON!
  4. Yeah, this sucks, BUT.... Here's a workaround thats seems to work for at least the whitespace problem. Let me know if it fixes your other problem. Hopefully it works for you. 1. Copy and paste your TextEdit text into a new Mail message. 2. Copy and paste the mail message text to your Evernote note. If Mail is open, and your Evernote note is ready to accept pasted text, and you've got your TextEdit document open, then this process can be done quickly without having to use the track pad. While holding the command key, simply press these keys in sequence: a (select all) c (copy) tab (or multiple tabs until it selects mac mail) n (new message) tab (multiple times until you get to the message body) v (paste) a (select all) c tab (or multiple tabs until you select evernote) v Done! Alternatively, if you don't care about the font preservation (like me) and only want to get rid of the extra line spacing text that Evernote adds, then just: copy from textedit, then paste into Evernote using Command + Option + Shift + V.
  5. OMG I'M A GENIUS! Or perhaps I'm a hero, not sure which word best describes my incredible awesomeness. Either way, I'll be expecting a job offer from evernote sometime soon because of this. May your wildest dreams come true.
  6. I also think resizing needs to be integrated into EN. I copied and pasted in some images from iphoto into EN and they take up the entire width of the note because they are high resolution. I deleted the originals in iphoto because I don't need the pics in two places. I'm glad EN kept the high resolution version, but I'd like to be able to resize it to a non-ridiculous size, while preserving the ability to open the high resolution version if I want. I don't want to have to open Skitch for EVERY single picture that I bring into Evernote just to resize it. That's dumb.
  7. I have the same problem. I opened Evernote for the first time in a long time and there was an update available, so I downloaded it and now I get the same error message every 15 seconds. Somethings wrong. How do I make it so that it comes every 10 seconds like Etana? I FIXED IT! I clicked on the Account icon near the top left and clicked "Sign Out (null)." I don't know why it was "null." But then after signing back in, the error message no longer appeared. Hopefully that works for you.
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