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  1. For the love of god yes please
  2. What is it that you can't understand? Printing from evernote =/= WYSIWYG if images are imbedded. Try this: 1) create an evernote on your smartphone. Add some pictures, from right within the app, with smartphone camera 2) go home 3) sync desktop app w smartphone version 4) print the note you just created. 5) count how many pages are required as each image is huge, and tiled over multiple pieces of paper. If by "annotating" you mean roundtripping to skitch to "reduce the size" 1) it doesn't work: "reducing the size" doesn't translate into a smaller printed image, merely a lower resolution, pixelated one. 2) even if it did what a huge pain to do with each image! see my post above and, uhm, read it carefully.
  3. I of course did cough for premium because, well, there's a sucker born every minute. cough.
  4. Took some notes for the birth preparedness class my wife and I took. Wrote some text, snapped some pix, all within evernote. Cool! Wife asks for a printout of the notes to keep in a binder to take with us to hospital. No Problem! go to Print them out, the images are so huge they print over 3-4 pages. Uh-oh. So I tried roundtripping to Skitch. Skitch has obtuse icons with no "hover to reveal function", but eventually i got to the + / - resize page. I "reduced the size" of the image. When I got back to evernote however, the image width remained EXACTLY the same, only now visibly bitmapped because of the lost resolution. AGAIN it printed huge, chopped up into multiple parts, only now jagged and bitmapped. And of course there was no undo. http://imgur.com/a/rieUf
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