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  1. Hey! Thanks for signing up. We have right now a huge amount of people signing up for our service and we invite more users pretty much on a daily basis. So you should get an invite within the next days!
  2. Context Booster Your Knowledge Assistant for Evernote Dear Evernote community, we take part in the Devcup competition and developed http://contextbooster.com (it's in alpha right now) Context Booster is your knowledge assistant for Evernote and allows you to boost your notes with content from all across the web. Just take a look at the video below! With Context Booster you will see your notes in a larger context. Whatever you want to remember, it will be enriched by more information from across the web. And it is extremely easy to use: After you have signed on to Context Booster on our website, tag any of your notes with "contextboost". As soon as the note is saved again, it will be “boosted”: Context Booster will analyze the text and pictures in your note and extract the most important topics. For each of these topics we will research a number of publicly available databases and automatically add new notes with explanations, recommendations, pictures, videos - useful and entertaining tidbits to a special notebook. Context Booster recognizes people’s names, companies, products, institutions, locations, cities and countries, books, movies, brands as well as important terms like “nuclear proliferation” or “same-***** marriage”. Special Features:1. Twitter Integration: Just tell us your Twitter Account, when you sign on to Context Booster and tweets containing links to articles you fave will be saved as a note to a special notebook. Context Booster will automatically grab that article and “boost” it, analyzing its content and adding additional notes and links. 2. Image recognition for media covers: Take a picture of a book or DVD cover and Context Booster will recognize it and boost it with additional information. Feedback wanted: We would love to get your feedback about it! If you wanna try it, just sign up and you will get an invite soon. Just remember, it's still in alpha and improving every day! If you like the idea of Context Booster, you could do one great thing: Vote for us in the Devcup competition (click here!) Thanks a lot - really looking forward to hear what you think about it! \o/ Sebastian
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