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  1. Thanks jefito - that's the app I found that you have to pay for. I don;t want to appear mean (though I am sure I will), but I only have 2 email attachments to a single note, so don;t really want to buy an app just for that. I will just not open them on my Nexus. Thanks for the help though.
  2. Thanks for the response. I would have expected one of my email clients to open the .MSG files, but apparently not. I have done a web search, as suggested and found surprisingly little. I have managed to find applications that open MSG files and tried one, but that failed to open them from Evernote (I get the same message - go to store and get an app!). So I have uninstalled that. I can see another file reader, but that cost money that I don't want to spend if it isn't going to work. I would have thought lots of people use Evernote from Android and would have come across this a lot?
  3. Hi, I have tried to search but the results seems to be about loads of different things. I have Evernote and use on my Google Nexus and windows 7 desktop and Laptop. I have used for a while and although I keep it simple have always worked everything out without the need to ask for help. Anyway I am making a bigger note to cover a load of things in a subject and it has text, tables, pictures, map coordinates, hyperlinks and will have a lot more. My problem is that it has two email (.msg) attachments (I know this is no email client) and I can open them no problem on Windows, but Android says I have to search the store for an application that can load them, but I have a number of email clients including the excellent AquaMail pro and they won't open directly from the note at all. Am I being daft? Should they? I am note sure if this is an Evernote question or an Android question, so apologies if I am in the wrong place.
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