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  1. I'm also running into this problem as of late. Any word? Not to complain, but I'm actually quite surprised such a blatant scalability issue made it into the final release.
  2. I've been experiencing this same issue for a while (pretty much since they introduced Offline Search). I've found--at least with my own devices--that the following works pretty consistently as a workaround: Build your query or select your saved search Perform the search Press the back button to return to the search builder (or whatever you want to call it) Perform the search again just as you see it (without modifying anything)The second time it seems to come up with the matching notes. It seems odd, but it's been working for me pretty consistently. It's almost as if the initial search tries to run a query against the offline index, but the offline index is not yet in memory or ready to receive queries, yet by the second time, it's ready to go. Not sure if this is the case, just postulating.
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