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  1. I have to agree that the checklist problem you're talking about certainly is annoying – it really should return your selected list intact with each line preceded with a checklist box, instead of stepping on all of them with a single checklist box. I hope they can fix that, too. However, I would have to argue that the bullet bug problem is many times worse than this checklist problem, because at least the checklist problem happens quite noticeably right in front of you; you can see what is happening just as soon as it happens, so now you can easily issue an UNDO command to recover your dat
  2. This info has been quite helpful. I'd long since given up trying -- is cool to see that there IS a way to do this directly after all! In my (IOS) case however I still have to futz around quite a bit to find that post-pic text location, so whenever possible I'll continue to use the "text sandwich" method instead. This is actually just an expansion on Chuck's earlier suggestion to use pre-existing text: Before I take any pictures I first make a "text sandwich" ... meaning, you enter two lines of short bs text, and then position the cursor to the beginning of the second line. This way, when y
  3. My apologies for taking so long to get back to you sir. Death in the family. Seriously. Here is how to recreate the bullet bug problem that I am talking about in 3 easy steps: FIRST: Paste the following plain 6-line list into a note... <begin list> Aaa Bbb Ccc Ddd Eee Fff <end list> SECOND: Mark the first 3 lines, and convert them to a bullet list. ...At this point you should be looking at a 3-item bulleted list followed immediately by a 3-item plain list. So far so good... THIRD: Mark the last 3 lines, and convert them to a bulleted list in same manner as before. ..
  4. AFAICT, this issue seems to be limited to my iPhone/IOS, because my pc version does not have the problem. No other platforms have I tried. There is an insidious bug in Evernote/IOS that happens when you convert a plain list to a bulleted list because this action will quietly step on any already-bulleted list sitting adjacently prior to the one you're working on. I use the term insidious because this erasure happens so easily beneath one's usual notice. I don't know how many sublists I've stepped on & lost forever before I finally realized what was really going on. To summar
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