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  1. Hello, just following up some previous comments. I've been using TSW for a year or so and really like it. I've just found IQTELL and am very impressed. Links excellently with email and evernote. Apart from one thing. If you "import" your evernotes as new actions it doesn't automatically load the same tags (1-Now @desk etc) to the new actionable task, you have to add them manually (from a list that it HAS copied over from evernote). ie if you have heavily committed to TSW (I have 200+ actionable items with multiple tags in evernote) it's not practical to shift em in and start full use of IQtell. Apart from this detail (which the very responsive people at IQTELL are working on) it looks like the gtd tool that, when worked alongside evernote, gives the closest match to FULL gtd. Anyone else got any views, comments? thanks Philip
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