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  1. Thank you forever-evernote! Not a perfect solution, but better than nothing! It would really make sense if this was possible when you view the actual tags page. Thanks again!
  2. I have read many of the threads discussing the problem of adding locations manually. I understand that in the new evernote, version 5 — when using snow leopard — adding a location manually is not possible. I thought I could be sneaky and circumvent the problem by having evernote 3 installed as well (where you have the "add location" link). So I would add the locations on evernote 3 and then transfer the notes into evernote 5. So, what happend? In version 5 the note shows up with the location — Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago – but does not show up in atlas! Why not include the possibility of adding manually GPS coordinates, like in evernote 3?? PLEASE take snow leopard users into consideration. EDIT: Perhaps there's an evernote app that lets one do this? UPDATE: The note DOES show up now in the atlas of evernote 5. So I have to keep evernote 3 in the background when I want to add the gps coordinates. Why not just include this feature in evernote 5 so everyone can manually add locations??
  3. Argh... this is driving me crazy! Surely there should be a way to do this? If I have e.g. ten notebooks, each with many many notes that are tagged, it makes sense that one might want to look at tags of one notebook only (e.g. I do not need to see the tag "gazpacho recipe" when I want to look at tags of an art history notebook). Is there a way to do this? I looked at older threads on this topic. No help. There doesn't even exist anymore such thing as "assigned tags". I have the version 5.1.4. Edit: Sorry, yes, I am on a mac.
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