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  1. Asked & answered many times over. Advice is... Also asked & answered many times over. There are many workarounds so your huge images don't need to chew up your upload limit. (In a nutshell - edit before uploading.) Evernote is a cloud service. They really don't care if you add five copies of a huge photo of your dog. (It's not their job to care what you upload.) Their job is to store all five copies, if that's what you elect to do. Nothing new to see here. Your responses read like a smug Apple forum fanatic. I'm sorry this topic burns your soul, but it's a legitimate request. Your attitude is unwelcome.
  2. I love that during the reply to this thread, I am given the option of choosing my font and size. I find it ridiculous that this topic has been open for a year and a half (and other threads longer) without any resolution. Forget the use case of "my eyes can't see that small," what about those of us who want to take notes and be able to easily increase/decrease font-size in order to have the notes formatted properly? I don't want to have to go to my laptop after the fact and then reformat my notes. I'm not even asking for the ability to pick the font size anymore. Just a + and -. Is that so much? I tried hitting the Evernote website from the browser on my iPad/iPhone and what a nightmare that is. The website is absolutely NOT meant for touch devices. You will completely mess up your notes if you don't realize this and attempt to do something foolish, like scroll. I love Evernote and have used it for a long time, but the mobile presence is a disgrace. I would rather not find an alternative. Please don't force me to.
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