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  1. Thanks for your reply. It was layout (slide divisions) I want to edit, rather than content. In 6.1.2 the controls were missing. After posting I saw that the current version is 6.2.4, so upgraded. The controls you showed in yours are now appearing in mine. Resolved!
  2. I am running EN on Windows 10. Would like to be able to edit presentations, but the presentation layout editor does not appear on my screen. The only buttons that appear are one (dropdown) for choosing a cursor and one for exiting presentation mode (see attached screenshot). Anyone know how to access the editor?
  3. Still hoping for an answer to this - a way to put focus on the date field with the keyboard in the Windows desktop client. The list of keyboard shortcuts (thanks, #JMichael) indicates that F8 will toggle display of the note info panel - but that does not work on my client (recently updated to Any other suggestions?
  4. On the Mac, you can use CMD-SHIFT-I to get to the Note properties, which includes the dates. Don't know for sure, but you might try CTRL-SHIFT-I on Win. Ah, yes - I neglected to say my question is about the Windows EN client. Tried CTRL+Shift+I - but that turns out to be the shortcut for creating an Ink Note! jn
  5. Is there a keyboard shortcut for selecting "Date created"? I use it frequently -- for example, entering notes that copy a daily quotation service. Workflow would be much faster if there were a way to avoid using the mouse to click into the date field.
  6. There have been lots of improvements to Evernote, but this feature would still be useful. That is, from within EN desktop, the ability to create a new note from a selection within an existing note in one operation, rather than copying and pasting.
  7. @xdelplanque said 2 years ago this would be added to EN - is there a way to do it yet? Please?
  8. Evernote has said a couple of times that this feature is on the list of those to consider ... any change in that status? Can we expect in-line photos anytime soon?
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