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  1. Hi, I've been using evernote SDK on my iOS app Voicepaper for years. I noticed that the OAuth login workflow stopped working because of the bellow issue recently. Call this method , ENSession.shared.authenticate. (I use swift on the app.) the login window shows up automatically. (the first pic) you set username or email, then tap Continue It used to show the password form after that, but now, it just shows the white screen. (the second pic) I think this is the backend issue on the Evernote api with iOS SDK. Is there any help? You can easily reproduce the issue if you download Voiceapepr 2 on the Appstore, or try to use the IOS SDK and call the ENSession.shared.authenticate. PS: the api itself seems still working since if I create a new evernote login ID from the same screen, it can login to your newly created account automatically.
  2. Hi, this is a voice reader app for Evernote users. You can fetch your notes or web clipped pages into iPhone or iPad and listen to them on the go. I hope you like it. https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1273954643
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