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  1. I agree completely. Barging in here spewing stuff like "I have been here longer than you" and "Perhaps Evernote considered the feature and decided against it" is completely self-aggrandizing nonsense and is ignorant of the fact that the CEO already announced they were working on these features. As the person responsible for information security in a 200+ person company I am currently the one holding back a decision to implement Evernote for project management and I'm looking forward to seeing what cipher stacks and design principles regarding client side encryption will be put in place for
  2. Thanks for reminding us that EverNote is Evernote's product and that EverNote's owners can decide how they want EverNote to develop. For the rest of us I would argue that what should be relevant for Evernote's future strategy and growth ambitions is what prospective customers want and how their existing customers are responding to developments in society by changing their preferences for security vs functionality for example.
  3. The same could be said about users who seem to think because they want something, Evernote should give it to them. Or users who can't accept the fact that maybe, just maybe, Evernote has discussed said feature & either put a low priority on it (for whatever reasons - time/resources (translate: engineer hours), other/more pressing priorities, etc) or totally nixed the idea altogether. Evernote never really has been about storing sensitive data, although they do allow you to encrypt text in notes. There are a lot of other ways to store sensitive data, including encrypting it & putting
  4. You may think you're being funny, tongue in cheek or showing to the world that "it's not only the U. S. that is bad" but in reality all you're doing with the above contribution is strengthening my argument in favour of more comprehensive encryption options for those prospective users, who are serious about using Evernote for enterprise purposes. And in any case the Patriot legislation also covers data centres abroad as long as the operating company is based in the U. S. This was admitted by Microsoft already years ago: http://www.zdnet.com/blog/london/defense-giant-ditches-microsofts-cloud
  5. You can count my vote among those looking for a more serious approach to encryption in EverNote. In light of the recent NSA/PRISM surveillance scandal I simply cannot justify - as a non U.S. citizen - storing sensitive business information in EverNote, where it could be extracted at will by U.S. intelligence officials engaged in industrial espionage.
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