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  1. I also agree that a merge feature in beta is needed. I couldn't remember why I wasn't using the beta version, and so I changed. Within 15 minutes I needed to merge notes, and was reminded why I returned to the original in the first place! Please be sure to add this functionality!
  2. Good morning. I've had over 24 hours to think about these changes since my earlier post. Since I do get frustrated with others who are not willing to give a chance to new things, I really did try to get used to this new version. Unfortunately, this is still not working out for me. One of my complaints was about the jot script stylus not connecting properly, and I was asked whether I had paired it correctly. Yes, I did, and this made no difference. The failure of the stylus, however, was the least of my worries, since I had already been using a $5 stylus on the older version, and it worked much better than the $75 one! The missing thumbnails, which allowed us to find specific pages are a huge loss. The scrolling feature is inefficient when working with a lengthy notebook. You also have to touch it just right, or you accidentally draw vertical lines as you scroll. I prefer the page turning to the lengthy scroll of paper. I might be able to get used to it if there were a clearer border showing where the top of the next page begins. The zoom and drift feature is the thing that, in my opinion, set Penultimate apart from the other handwriting apps. It was the only app feature that was compatible with the way that I hold my pen/stylus. Several existing apps offered the zoom box similar to what you have now, but it was the zoom and drift unique to Penultimate that I really liked. I have tried working with this new zoom box feature, to try to get used to it. It drifts far too fast when I use that feature, and the drift will not stop when I lift my stylus. Without the drift, it is just too clumsy to keep moving the zoom box to where I need it. It just isn't working for me. Meanwhile, I began trying the other handwriting apps again. I'm finding that Noteshelf, also has a zoom box, which I'm not crazy about, but it is letting me write at my own pace, and in a much more fluid manner than Penultimate's new zoom box. (I still prefer the old drift and zoom, though!) I have an older iPad, which still has classic Penultimate installed. Unfortunately, I can no longer open any of the notebooks that I opened in the new version. They have been modified in some way which makes them no longer compatible with the old app. The other thing that I've investigated has been OneNote. This fiasco has made me very nervous about the future of Evernote in general. Recently, I tried the beta of the new online Evernote interface, and was dismayed at the loss of features there as well. I've reverted back to the classic Evernote interface, but I'm really nervous that at some point I will be forced to change to the new one. So, I'm wondering whether it is just time for me to end my relationship with Evernote, and find a new, more stable system altogether. This isn't a threat, because I'm already considering this even if you do decide to bring back the Penultimate that we love, and are able to repair the damage to our notebooks so that they are once again compatible with the original version. Some food for thought: I'm sure that you received requests from users, asking for these new features. I haven't seen many of those people in the forums, but I doubt that you made these changes without some input. Unfortunately, you failed to think about the thousands of users who were content with the original app, and were not asking for changes. These changes were not an "upgrade". They were the creation with a completely different app. I saw no warnings that this was coming, or opportunities to be a beta tester. Maybe it is time for two different apps: Penultimate Classic - which is the closest match on the market to writing in a real notebook. Penultimate II (or something more creative) - This new version that can be used by the folks who prefer this method. Thank you for your consideration!
  3. I wanted so badly to be enthusiastic when I saw that Penultimate was updated. Unfortunately, the changes are most likely going to result in my giving up on it. I'm a lefty, and I admit to holding my pen/stylus in a strange way. Penultimate was the only handwriting app that I could successfully use by zooming in and using the drift feature. The new option is not working at all for me. How in the world do I get to the end of one of my larger notebooks? Please bring back the thumbnail options so that I can go to a specific page. How can I insert a page between existing pages? How do I move pages to different notebooks? I tried my Jot stylus, which was really bad before. It is worse than ever, now. The ink shows up about 1/4 inch above where I'm actually touching the screen. I'll watch to see if any changes are made, or if I'm just using the app incorrectly. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure that I'm going to have to give up on tablet-handwriting if this is what has become of Penultimate.
  4. I think I've found a rather clumsy way around this problem. . 1. Create or chose a folder location for your penultimate archived notebooks. 2. Using the Evernote client (mine is on a PC), make a copy of the note and copy it to the archive folder. (I can only figure out how to copy a note with the Evernote client, if it can be done on the web version or iPad app, I'd love to know how! 3. Delete the original notebook either in Evernote or in Penultimate. When everything is synced, the copy will still be available, but the original will be gone Evernote and Penultimate. By doing this, you would still be able to view the notebook in Evernote. If you ever want to continue using it in Penultimate, just copy the archived notebook back to your Penultimate folder.
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