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  1. JeromeNYC - Thanks again for the work on this. I've tested out the Windows version and it seems to work quickly and very nicely. Once issue I'm having though is the inability to use this with my Business Notebooks (which is really the only point for me). Is there a way around this? I'm actually quite surprised that it doesn't just pull everything by default so there must be something in the underpinnings of EN that's blocking access to these notebooks?
  2. @JeromeNYC - I've tested the Mac version with success. Looking forward to the windows version so I can put this application to real use. Any thoughts on timing for that version? Thanks again!
  3. Very interested in this app! I just signed up on the site but am curious as to timing.
  4. +1 for markdown support. This is a highly requested feature throughout our business user core. As an admin for our Business account I get to field questions on this every week. It would be a really great feature to see in the next version.
  5. Thanks Chris. The problem with that approach is having (e.g.) 20 notebooks to share x 150 users. Each of them would receive 20 emails. Not to mention that anytime someone joined the company we'd need to go back and re-share each of those notebooks with the new users. This just doesn't seem like the most fluid of solutions so I was hopeful of another option.
  6. We have about 40 licensed EN Business users and about 150 non-licensed employees in our company. The 40 licensed users are the content creators/owners but I'd like to find a seamless way for the other users to view the information stored in our EN Business account. These would all be read-only users. A few constraints: Obviously it doesn't make sense for all of these read-only users to have licenses (or accounts in general) given the very occasional need to view this information.I would prefer them to use the web client and have full read-only access to everything in our business libraryGiven the content, I cannot make these shared notebooks fully public (i.e. able to be indexed by search engines like Google)I'd rather not have them need to know a username/password to access the information (i.e. a generic/shared account) Any ideas are greatly appreciated. This inability to share is holding us back from keeping this product (that we love) for the long-term. I'm also open to discussion around API-based options as well.
  7. Sorry - new guy here. How do I utilize this script? I would really like to have this functionality but I'm unsure how to deploy the concept.
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