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  1. I'm having this issue as well... I'm on Yosemite 10.10.4 and reinstalled (from both the website and the app store) Skitch 2.7.8 (264008). I rely on this feature a lot for drop downs and hover menus. Any suggestions with this?
  2. Sorry I've been offline for a couple of days everyone. Can I just say - a massive shout out to the Evernote crew who were not only quick to respond but offered FANTASTIC service. Super impressed! Thank you so very much!
  3. Hi Joe, Yeah I made sure that I only ran one version at a time. At this point the only one I'm running is the direct download - I am a bit of a perfectionist and like things neat so I made sure I only had one version installed so I didn't confuse myself! I have only ever used Skitch on my mac for screen shots as I've only moved to Mac's 1.5 years ago - before that I was all PC and someone recommended Skitch to me and I never looked back. I might have to look around at all my programs installed and see if it has a little side project of screen shots in it that might be conflicting...
  4. I'm after anyone out there that might have some genius idea that I haven't come up with yet. Recently, my Skitch has stopped working. I am able to open the program, log on, but when I go to screen snap something nothing happens. I've tried every other kind of capture as well (fullscreen etc) and still no response in the program. So I went off an uninstalled it and reinstalled it via the App Store (Mac style) and tried again. Still no response. I then went and uninstalled it again, and installed the direct download from Evernote-Skitch page. No luck again. I even updated it to the Beta version to see if that would help and I still can't capture anything. Now I absolutely love this program and would really like to continue using it, however, I'm out of ideas. I haven't changed anything on my computer recently or even used Skitch for a couple of weeks due to being away. Has anyone got any genius ideas that I could try?
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