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  1. The Evernote Food app or uploading any recipe into Evernote needs a way to allow for manual entry to personally adjust recipes to your preferences. Ie., after making a new recipe, you realize the next time you make it, you need to add more salt, or another ingredient. On a printed copy of a recipe, you can always write on it. As a magazine or online recipe is uploaded to Evernote, is there somewhere you can add changes to the recipe, so u can share or email it to someone with the changes in there? This is especially needed for Recipes.
  2. The tags need improvement. Cant tag things properly. When you first type a tag word like "Cornell", and then later try to type a different word at a different time, like "Corn", it keeps auto-correcting back to "Cornell" and you can't correct it to force just a shorter tag like "Corn" , since your first tag with those letters you ever made was longer. Please fix.
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