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  1. Please give use the option to remove this! My laptop trackpad uses two-fingered clicking as right click. Lately, every time I accidentally double click with two fingers (or the trackpad thinks I've used two fingers) the Web Clipper makes a new note. It happens so quickly I never even see the context menu. I've been going crazy trying to figure out why it had made all these notes! I finally figured out it is due to where the context menu appears relative to the pointer -- often it is right on the "Clip ..." area.
  2. Black image problem here, too! For me, when the Page Camera does make an image, it is in focus, the text recognition works and the sticker tagging works with my Moleskine notebook. But once the black images start happening, I have to reboot the phone and *maybe* it will start working again for a few images before they're all black again. I have a VERY common phone, T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 running Android 4.1.2. I've turned off any other apps that sync my Evernote image folder, but this didn't help. The Page Camera/Moleskine notebook system is not usable for me because of this issue. I'
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