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  1. Solved.... I think. At least it worked this time. It seems that spaces in the note title causes problems (?). I removed all spaces from the note title and then tried it with success. Next step is to see if I can add a pdf to an existing note in the same way. If I have to create note titles without spaces to use this feature, it will be very inconvenient! If anyone has another experience please share. Thanks!
  2. Unfortunately, it is not working for me - I have tried it several times. I email the note to Evernote with the exact subject line only adding a single space and the "+", all it will do is create a new note. My next step is to create a brand new note and experiment with that.
  3. I have tested this recently and it does not seem to work. I have a premium account, and I have used all permuations described in this forum thread. Has anyone else been able to get this to work?
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