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  1. Thanks Shermo, I will definately read your blog
  2. Soon there'll be iPhone and web verions so don't give up
  3. Hi, I think you may need something like SmartTM app. This is great GTD task manager which works with EN and more like e.g. iCal or Google Callendar so you can manage all your activites in just one place. Here you can find more http://smarttm.co/ Btw, SmartTM is one of the participants of this year's Evernote DevCup The app is known there as a SmartGTD - if you like it support us and vote for SmartTM (SmartGTD) Here's how to cast a vote http://smarttm.co/#post=170 and https://www.hackerleague.org/hackathons/evernote-devcup-2013/hacks/smartgtd hope you'll find it useful! BR, Anka
  4. GTD is powerful methodology. After implementation I finally feel that I'm more productive Btw, You can also check out SmartGTD app based on GTD methodology. It works great with Evernote. You can create tasks from notes and much more
  5. No you can also check out www.SmartGTD.com app which replaced the first task manager EverDo.it for iPad users. SmartGTD is also based on the Getting Things Done methodology and is fully compatible with Evernote. But we are preparing other cool stuff, co let's keep in touch, Best Regards Ania
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