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  1. Dear EN Mac users (especially TSW users),


    I have positive development to report- I was finally able to get this on the Evernote dev team's radar.  It kept being classified as an "improvement request" and effectively ignored.


    If you are affected by this bug, please take a few minutes to submit a support ticket.  Click your name in the top right of EN Web, click Contact Support, After you briefly describe your problem, and hit the continue button, you'll taken to a page with a button to start a chat session with Evernote customer service.  Ask the Evernote representative that helps you to cross-reference your ticket with Ticket# 1039571; this is the ticket that finally got classified as a bug.  (Tickets 735309, 1039495, 1021284, 1022933 were all ineffective at getting developer attention.)  It took me 4 tickets, digging into the client .app's Cocoa .nib files, and asking to chat with a manager, but FINALLY, this is in the hands of the developers.  


    If this bug bothers you, please submit a ticket (referencing ticket #1039571) so they know it's not just one wacky guy with a vendetta for sidebar highlighting :)

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  2. Hey, good news fellow Mac users!  If you revert to the Evernote Web older version (not the current beta), you get a left side navigation bar that allows highlighting of multiple items like you'd expect.


    I think this bug has been ignored so long because it kept being treated as an "improvement request".  The basic/default functionality of the user interface elements was broken between EN Mac v4 and EN Mac v5, and nobody has fixed it yet.  I'm trying to keep the pressure on the support team (to hopefully keep some pressure on the dev team).  Hopefully we get our fix soon.


    In the mean time, as long as you have internet access, you can use the web version.  You'll need to go to settings (https://www.evernote.com/Settings.action) and scroll down to the row called "Beta" and click the link to go back to the old web version.  Reload the page and you're good to go.  I hope that helps.

  3. Seriously!  Please fix this!  This issue has been open for a long time---


    since Dec. 2011 https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/32737-feature-request-multi-select-tagsnotebooks/

    again Jan 2015 https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/80787-highlight-selections-within-sidebar/

    Nov 2012 https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/31001-selecting-multiple-tags-within-notebooks-in-en-5-for-mac/#entry303707

    May 2013 https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/38315-current-notebook-not-highlighted-on-the-sidebar/#entry303703



    WTF?  Do I need to switch to an open source note platform so I can make changes myself if nobody else can be bothered?  Evernote is so close to a good www.thesecretweapon.org GTD platform, but on Mac isn't STILL not usable.

  4. I have a workaround that has been moderately successful.  Saved searches still get messed up in the widget, but I have had a couple weeks of perfect list widget performance when I created a designated notebook for it.


    I use (or try to) TSW, where your tasks are tracked according to tags (1-now, 2-next, 3-soon, etc).  I made a notebook called 1-now, and that reliably displays on my home screen even if I make new notes (which would mess up the saved searches).  Maybe this can help someone.  Good luck!

  5. List view is my go-to note list style because I find that snippets are distracting (and they use more system resources).  But once you click a note, the note editor takes up most of the screen and there is no way to close it.


    Here's an earlier request:



    It would be great if we were able to 1) close the note editor and return to the full list view, and 2) position the note editor to the right side of the list view.



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