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  1. Umm...sorry when I say download I mean actually click on something and manually download it. I see all my other notes with the web viewer when I click on the note. But I don't see my pdfs, because I need to download them (manually) to see them. As in save to my hard drive without knowing what they are. So if these other notes are not pdf why can I see them without having to download those ones manually? I assume the other notes are downloading from the Evernote servers when I click on them otherwise I would not see them. I can see pdfs in Safari etc, right (without downloading manually to my hard drive). And If I am seeing my other notes when I click on them then why don't I see my pdf (inline) when I click on them? Am I missing something? Appreciate if a pdf is big then I may have to download manually, or slowly (either way that would be fine), but if they are not big then whats the problem, i only need to see them when I click on a particular note and I don't even need to see the full note. I don't understand, sorry. But say if for whatever reason its just not possible, then at the very least Evernote giving me a decent size/legible preview (of front page or whatever) would be helpful so that I can see which document is what. As Tinman_226 mentioned about doing this yourself or automating, but why do I have to? Why isn't this done automatically by Evernote so that I can find what I am looking for without the ridiculous routine of downloading, opening, viewing, closing, deleting off hard drive, repeat. I don't have a lot of huge pdf's but I do have a LOT of pdfs (i.e. multi page scans etc) and all of these are filed in a lot of different notebooks (that is the extent of my organisational strategy along with a small amount of tagging). I guess whatever the technical challenges are I see it as something that seems crazy not to have been tackled by Evernote in some decent way and to have a solution (even if optional) that works loads better than current one and makes the idea of Evernote working seamlessly across devices, clients etc an actual reality.... Like I say sorry if I am being stupid or missing something. (Uneducated user perspective here!)
  2. +1 on this. Been a long time evernote user, and also an Evernote Business user. I have many multi page pdf's in my library, dont have the time or the inclination to label or tag everything (thats why I use Evernote). Due to lack of space on my macbook air (unable to selectively sync folders, really?) I have deleted Evernote Mac off the hard drive and switched to web. Literally astounded that I cannot see the content of a pdf note (to find the one I am looking for) without having to download it. You can imagine what the process is like to find the file I am looking for. It blows my mind that this isn't part of the functionality. Basically it means for me that the web client is useless. Same as the iphone client, it has always griped me that I could never find anything on the phone but I understand it more due to bandwidth etc on a mobile network. So if the web and phone clients are useless for me then "Have it everywhere" and "FInd anything fast" don't seem to apply....so why exactly am I using Evernote again?
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