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  1. For anyone else interested in this... Here's my final script. I suggest either using FastScripts to run it quickly from the OS X menubar, or something like QuickSilver or Alfred. This script will retrieve the GPS data (including altitude, if it's set) from the current noteand paste it to where the cursor is in that note. So make sure you have the cursor in the location you want the GPS data. Or, if you want to manually paste the data from the clipboard, just remove the last two lines from the code ("delay 1" and onward). set the clipboard to "" tell application "Evernote" set theSelection to get selection set oNote to item 1 of theSelection set theLat to latitude of oNote set theLong to longitude of oNote set theAlt to altitude of oNote end tell if (theAlt as text) is not "0.0" and (theAlt as text) is not "missing value" then set the clipboard to "Location: " & (theLat as text) & " " & (theLong as text) & return & "Altitude: " & (theAlt as text) else set the clipboard to "Location: " & (theLat as text) & " " & (theLong as text) end if delay 1 tell application "System Events" to tell (name of application processes whose frontmost is true) to keystroke "v" using {command down}
  2. Thanks J. This is very helpful, and much appreciated. I am also appreciating how easy AppleScript is... almost like English, rather than something cryptic!
  3. Thanks very much for that modification. I am now getting that result, but for some reason it's not being set to the clipboard. Any thoughts? What I'd like to do is set up a shortcut (using Alfred, or something to that effect) that will copy the long and lat to the clipboard, and I can then just hit CMD-V to paste it into the body of a note (or elsewhere).
  4. I am also using 6.4 on Yosemite. Although this has been an "issue" for as long as I can recall. Location is always converted to displaying a place name (be that an address, or something more generic when in a remote area, etc.). I am thinking I could at least extract the latitude and longitude using AppleScript. Although the script I came up with (I am completely new to AS) failed. tell application "Evernote" set theSelection to get selection set theLat to latitude of theSelection set theLong to longitude of theSelection end tell set the clipboard to theLat & " " & theLong Error returned: error "Can’t get latitude of {note id \"x-coredata://4413454C-6245-4CA6-911A-6729DBDBCC21/ENNote/p166\" of notebook \"@ Inbox\" of application \"Evernote\"}." number -1728 from «class EVla» of {«class EVnn» id "x-coredata://4413454C-6245-4CA6-911A-6729DBDBCC21/ENNote/p166" of «class EVnb» "@ Inbox"} So, I am still working on that as a solution.
  5. Hello, I often like to record to location of items and places. An easy way for me to do this is to take a note in that spot, and perhaps include a photo in it, and then have EN store the location. The problem I have is that EN converts the location data (long/lat) into a place name. The place name is of no use to me. What I want to retrieve later is the exact longitude and latitude data. So far, the only way I've found to retrieve this data is to export the note, and then open it in a text editor, find the <longitude> and <latitude> fields and copy the data from there. Surely there is an easier way. 1) Can I disable the conversion of location long/lat data into a place name? 2) If not, is there a simpler way to retrieve the long/lat data? Thanks...
  6. No worries. Tried another version and the issue has gone. Skitch opens. I apologise for digging up an old thread. I have a favour to ask. Ever since Skitch 2 came out, I have avoided updating. For my workflow and usage,, I absolutely must have the watermark feature that Skitch 1.x has. Today I inadvertently removed what I assume was the old Skitch sharing account details from Skitch. Not sure why I did that! But now I can't open Skitch 1.x It goes to a blank window (which I assume attempted to load a webpage that no longer exists, for adding in Skitch account details). The window header starts out by saying "Updating your skitch account". I've looked through the app and the plist files, etc., so see if I could find somewhere to manually enter in my old Skitch account details. No luck. The only other solution I can think of is if someone would be kind enough to send me their copy of the following: - the Skitch.app (in case the old account details are stored in there) - the com.skitch.skitch.plist file, located in ~/Library/Preferences I figure uploading the file to Dropbox (or similar) is the best way to go. I can let you know when I have downloaded it, so it can be removed. Best to PM me the link. By the way... Today I tried out 6 or more snapshot apps, and read up on numerous others, and none of them have water marking like Skitch 1.x does. Which is why it seems my only decent option is to try and get Skitch going again. Thank you...
  7. I would also like to see this feature. AND for photos to have the GPS data embedded in them (not just the note itself) as EXIF data.
  8. I would also like to see GPS data stored in EXIF tags. Not so much for using within Evernote, because it already handles the location and has a nice atlas. But I when I export a photo out it has no GPS data. That's a pain. What makes it worse is that within Evernote I am now shown the actual GPS data, rather it shows whatever address it located as being close to the exact GPS coordinates. So I can't even copy/paste the long/lat data over to my photo manager software where I am handling the exported photo. Hopefully this helps illustrate why embedding GPS data might be useful to your users.
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