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  1. I'd like to also PLEASE request password protected notes and notebooks! I feel like this is a simple and necessary feature for a note-taking program and I'm surprised it still hasn't been implemented yet. I know the Evernote team is hard at work with a million other requests, but I hope we can bump this up to higher priority I know I'm not alone when I'd like to have an entire notebook for private stuff (personal journal, medical/therapy notes, etc.). However I don't want to logout of Evernote everytime I leave my computer, or even select each new text entry and encrypt/decrypt. I just want it so that if someone (like a co-worker or friend) uses my computer, they don't have easy access to incredibly personal (and embarrassing!) notes of mine. Password protected notebooks and notes seems like an easy and simple solution to that. It just needs to be simple enough to keep another computer using from easily accessing it. Nothing more complicated then that. Thanks for listening guys, you're the best!
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