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  1. Hey guys...brand new to Evernote. I have over a 1,000 business cards I need to get digital and someone told me about Evernote. I love how easy it is to scan in the cards and get their contact info in...like I how can manage the contacts...but... The purpose of needing this is to be able to use the information for relationship building...thus I need to be able to export all the addresses, emails, names, etc in order to send Christmas cards, email marketing or upload phone numbers into my dialing system (Mojo). That pretty much means an excel or csv file. Can Evernote do this? I downloaded Evernote Hello for my iphone and the Windows program. I see the export as an HTML page and the enex file but that doesn't get me what I need and I haven't found anything out there that helps with taking the downloaded content that way and easily getting it to the format I need. Any help would be appreciated...
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