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  1. Hi there, there seems to be a bug that is present in copy -> pasting after the 6.7 release (may have been introduced before, but not sure) Basically, if you are cutting and pasting any text into another line where the cursor is set to bold, it will paste it as bold (regardless of if the text you copied is bold or not) Here is how to replicate it 1. Type in some text in your note which has plain, non-bold text 2. Hit return a couple of times. Press Ctrl-B and type something. Press return to go to a new line 3. Copy the text you typed in number 1 and paste it below what you typed in #2 What ends up getting pasted is all bold instead of what you copied. This happens whether you paste normally or as plain text. It didn't use to work this way, and it's not the behavior in Word or any other text editor I know
  2. Glad to see the simplify text problems have been mostly fixed. Any reason why the simply text function removes parts of text that the user specifically highlighted? it didn't used to, and it also does not remove formats like underline and bold that the user puts in
  3. Not exactly the same, but what I do is hit F6 and then type "tag:" plus whatever tag your are looking for So you would just type: tag:orders tag:travel etc.
  4. Hi Justin, Thanks for the update. Do the various big fixes include resolutions to the tagging bugs and freezing bugs that we have been recently discussing? https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/59606-problem-in-losing-tags-in-windows-54-version/ https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/59474-evernote-momentarily-freezes-while-working-on-it-giving-no-feedback/
  5. Fredi, yes, there have been a few issues that have been reported in the 5.4, including this freezing and also with the losing of tags. The issues have also not yet been resolved in the latest beta. I don't mean to sound harsh, as the application is essential to my daily routine and has been an overall wonderful product, but I feel that someone really dropped the ball on the latest public release. A simple regression testing of the business side of the application should have caught the tagging issues (I noticed it on the first note that I wrote post the upgrade). The intermittent freezing is also apparent every few minutes, and it was a lot less annoying to have the occasional note show up in the Conflicting Changes notebook than to deal with the noticeably slower speed of typing and the freezing. I almost always automatically update to the latest release/beta, and this was the first time I have had to revert back to a previous version as it was simply unusable in my business setting.
  6. Yes, I just upgraded to the beta, and the disappearing tags bug is still happening for me as well.
  7. Thanks Chanatx, I just confirmed that another member of my organization that upgraded to 5.4 is seeing the same issues. C6REW has kindly turned the issues that I have been observing into tickets (524813 and 531510)
  8. A few other observations I have found that the text editor feels clunkier. The letters appear slower after I type them. Every so often, they will not appear as I type, only to "catch-up" and show the 4-5 words I have typed at once. I cannot reproduce this on command, however, but it happens every couple of minutes. It is not just a typing issue, but also happens if I use the arrows to move the cursor. i.e. the cursor will get "stuck" and then catch up two seconds later. Maybe this is related to the new editing lock functionality?In the list view, under the "Sync" column, it used to show me the notes that had not been sync'ed as I work on them. It does not seem to do that any more. To reproduce, just edit a note in the personal or business side. The Sync column value does not change to show the "dot" it used to showI also miss the fact that on the header of the note panel it used to show who created/last edited the note. I used that quite a bit given that we use the product on a very collaborative setting. Now I have to hit the "i" icon to see it. Not a big deal, but perhaps you could make that field be an available column in the list view?
  9. I posted this in the beta thread for 5.4, but realized this this may now be a proper release. I just downloaded version, and I am having some real issues with adding tags - they disappear. Is anyone else seeing this? Here is how I replicate it - Ctrl + N to create a new note - type in something in the body - hit F3 to take me to tags - type in a tag - Hit enter twice - Hit F9 to sync - tag is gone FYI, this only seems to happen with business notebooks, both shared and unshared
  10. dlu, I just downloaded version, and I am having some real issues with adding tags - they disappear Here is how I replicate it - Ctrl + N to creat a new note - type in something in the body - hit F3 to take me to tags - type in a tag - Hit enter twice - Hit F9 to sync - tag is gone This only appears to be an issue in business notebooks
  11. Hmm - not on my end. Update on this. The issue is happening only on Business notebooks (both on shared and not shared notebooks). The functionality appears to be working OK in personal notebooks. Unfortunately for me, 99% of my EN usage is in business notebooks. Note also that the tag filtering drop down at the top is also not working properly in business notebooks, but works fine in personal notebooks. Guessing the two issues are related Also, just to double check, I logged onto my other PC that is running and is an identical machine and everything works fine
  12. Thanks for the update! One small issue that I found. When I click to add tags now, the "smart search" no longer works. i.e. if I type "Tr" it will not give me the option to pick "Travel" and "Transportation" in a drop down. Anyone else seeing this?
  13. Hi all, Business user here, running both the latest windows evernone 5 GA as well as the beta. How do I search for notes created by a co-worker, say named "Steve Smith"? I looked here http://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/search_grammar.php#Search_Terms and it does not seem to be covered. Using the author:"Steve Smith" or author:"Steve*" grammar does not work because Evernote does not automatically populate this field with the user that created it. The new organization panel that shows the the different users seems to be able to do that somehow because it shows the user's recent activity, but how do I do that useing the search box if I want to get all of that user's activity, or that user's notes that have a particular tag? Thanks in advance for the help .
  14. Guys, has anyone found this bug in 5.0.2? This has never happened to me in the past, and it only happens with certain attached PDFs intermittently I double-click on a PDF, and I get a popup saying: "There was an error opening this document. The File cannot be found"
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