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  1. Hi there, there seems to be a bug that is present in copy -> pasting after the 6.7 release (may have been introduced before, but not sure) Basically, if you are cutting and pasting any text into another line where the cursor is set to bold, it will paste it as bold (regardless of if the text you copied is bold or not) Here is how to replicate it 1. Type in some text in your note which has plain, non-bold text 2. Hit return a couple of times. Press Ctrl-B and type something. Press return to go to a new line 3. Copy the text you typed in number 1 and paste it below what you typed in #2 What ends up getting pasted is all bold instead of what you copied. This happens whether you paste normally or as plain text. It didn't use to work this way, and it's not the behavior in Word or any other text editor I know
  2. Glad to see the simplify text problems have been mostly fixed. Any reason why the simply text function removes parts of text that the user specifically highlighted? it didn't used to, and it also does not remove formats like underline and bold that the user puts in
  3. Thanks Chanatx, I just confirmed that another member of my organization that upgraded to 5.4 is seeing the same issues. C6REW has kindly turned the issues that I have been observing into tickets (524813 and 531510)
  4. I posted this in the beta thread for 5.4, but realized this this may now be a proper release. I just downloaded version, and I am having some real issues with adding tags - they disappear. Is anyone else seeing this? Here is how I replicate it - Ctrl + N to create a new note - type in something in the body - hit F3 to take me to tags - type in a tag - Hit enter twice - Hit F9 to sync - tag is gone FYI, this only seems to happen with business notebooks, both shared and unshared
  5. FYI, the exact same thing happened to me. To fix, I did the following: - uninstalled Evernote, - renamed the Evernote directory Evernote_bak - installed the latest Beta - let the client re-download all the data I have two PCs at work, one with the latest official release, and one with the latest beta. At home I always have the latest beta, so this morning some of the notes I put in last night from home did not show up on my work installation because of the sync issues that apparently I did not notice. Can you please make the notification popup for sync issues red or something like that so that it is more noticeable? Dlu and others, you may want to test the upgrade to this beta a little further...seems like a few of us have had issues... After downloading the Beta, I did not notice the Business Home / 2.0 functionality anywhere. Where can I find it?
  6. I have a quick question about the Last Edited By field in the Info part of a note (I am using the Windows client v5 to view it) For my business notebooks, sometimes it shows the name of the person that last edited it. So, sometimes it shows my name when I last edited a note, and it shows my colleague's name when he last edited it. Other times though, it shows "_business_[my company's name]". How exactly is this field populated, and why is there an inconsistency? When I go in an edit a note, often times it still says "_business_[my company's name]" For my personal notebooks, the field is always blank, which is fine since I know it's just me working on those notebooks...However, I find that in a business setting this is a useful field to have populated correctly. Thanks for the help!
  7. Yep, I know there is a difference, thx. The workflow we have at the moment is that a number of people put notes into the system in the morning. Someone picks out only the most relevant/actionable ones and sends them out to the organization in an email. This email has a summary of the content as well as links to the actual notes. This email is also sent to EN so that it can be accessed in the future easily from the system. However, the note that gets generated in EN when it is emailed in has links. that don't work We can certainly change our workflow so that it works: - create a new summary note in EN with the links - copy and paste the contents into an email to send out to the organization I am just simply pointing it out because it seems like a bug that can easily be fixed. P.S. Sparrow: understood on the tagging, thanks for the color
  8. Hi, I found a couple of issues when emailing notes into evernote. 1. If I want to put in a tag in the subject, the tag will only get recognized if there is already a note with that tag in the notebook I am sending the note to. So, one can't create a new tag with an email. 2. If I put a link to another Evernote note in the email that I send into Evernote, the link functionality will be lost. The text will still appear with the same formatting (i.e. green), but you can't click on it. Any thoughts?
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