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  1. Hi there, there seems to be a bug that is present in copy -> pasting after the 6.7 release (may have been introduced before, but not sure) Basically, if you are cutting and pasting any text into another line where the cursor is set to bold, it will paste it as bold (regardless of if the text you copied is bold or not) Here is how to replicate it 1. Type in some text in your note which has plain, non-bold text 2. Hit return a couple of times. Press Ctrl-B and type something. Press return to go to a new line 3. Copy the text you typed in number 1 and paste it below what you typed in #2 What ends up getting pasted is all bold instead of what you copied. This happens whether you paste normally or as plain text. It didn't use to work this way, and it's not the behavior in Word or any other text editor I know
  2. Glad to see the simplify text problems have been mostly fixed. Any reason why the simply text function removes parts of text that the user specifically highlighted? it didn't used to, and it also does not remove formats like underline and bold that the user puts in
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