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  1. These happen regularly: I open Evernote, click on a note and nothing happens for half a minute, only an empty screen is shown. Notes fails to sync: I edit my shopping list on iPad, 10 minutes later at the store it is not visible on my iphone. Half an hour later it syncs, but it is too late. For these reasons I will not renew my subscription, a premium product should perform the basic functions flawlessly. (Like many products Evernote suffers from feature creep - the app getting bigger and slower, basic functions are compromised to get more eye candy, etc....)
  2. After multiple syncing, copied note also fails to sync!! BYE EVERNOTE!
  3. The same not synced to my smartphone, but it refuses to sync on another windows pc.
  4. I hva been using evernote for only a week and already I ran into a problem, a note where I am collecting links does not sync to my other computer. When I copied to contents to another note, it synced. THE MOST BASIC PURPOSE OF THIS APP AND IT FAILS!!! what if I really need those notes and the other computer is not around? So how common is this? Because if it happens more often 1/year then I will just use something else. No, I will not participate in a lengthy process to identify the problem, I have better things to do.
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