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  1. Hey Mariano, I'm a new user of the mural.ly service and I have to say that it's almost exactly what I was looking for in terms of a visual tool. I'd love to see some form of tag integration that would allow me to; Connect my Evernote account to mural.ly Tell mural.ly about specific Evernote tags I want to have assigned to a mural Have mural.ly monitor my Evernote account and automatically import any notes with the specified tags Using an agile "user stories" format, you might say; As a [Evernote & Mural.ly User] I would like to [push Evernote notes to Mural.ly as I create / update them] so that I [don't forget to add them manually] and [don't have to break my workflow] I'm a product manager by day (with an almost insatiable thirst for talking with users / potential customers about their needs) so I understand how important feedback is to your design, validation and marketing process - So feel free to PM me if you would like to chat in more detail
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